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Psychic Readings & Spirit Connections

Lorraine Moore, Psychic/Clairvoyant/Medium.
Psychic - the ability to tune into the unseen.
Clairvoyant - the ability to see future events.
Medium - one who communicates with the
Lorraine does not use tarot cards or astrology. She is a natural intuitive, an ability she inherited from her maternal grandmother. Lorraine has been seeing/communicating with spirit and having psychic visions since childhood. An analogy she uses is she is like a radio. She can tune in to the frequencies of
your angels, guides and guardians. This enables her to answer your questions regarding your past, present and future. Your questions can pertain to anything going on in your life; such as relationships, career, health, litigation’s, moving, the kids, family, pets, life mission and life direction.
Lorraine is also a medium. She does what she calls Spirit Connections. This is the ability to communicate with the deceased. Specifically, loved ones who have passed away. These spirits could be family, in-laws, friends, neighbors, business associates, former teachers/professors, acquaintances and even departed pets. Two legs as well as four legs. The soul continues, even though the body ends. So why do this? For the peace of mind, knowing our loved ones are alright and that their souls have moved on. Knowing that they are still connected to us in some way, that they do look in on us from beyond
Lorraine has been called in by numerous churches, synagogues, groups and organizations to facilitate Spirit Connections lectures. She has also been a keynote speaker as well as facilitator for workshops and psychic fairs.
Consultations are available at her office or over the phone. Sessions can be booked for half hour or one hour intervals. You are welcome to record your session. In order to do this, you must bring a recording device of your choice to your session.
All readings are by appointment only. Monday thru Thursdays. The office is located in Washington, New Jersey.
The mailing address is:
Lorraine Moore, Spirit Connections
7 Star Plaza
Washington, NJ 07882
For GPS and mapquesting purposes, the street address is:
15 West Church Street
Washington, NJ 07882
Located in the Star Plaza, Suite #3.
Call to book your appointment now.............908-689-8554
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